domingo, 14 de novembro de 2010

Searching for a superpower.~

I could have some superpower.
If I could jump high, I’d touch the sky,
or I wished I could fly higher
and take to you a piece of the moon.
When it glowed in the dark, I’d hold you hard,
I would be back soon
from the dangers a superhero pass.
I could go deep in the sea with just one deep breath
and bring to you the colors it has.

I could have some superpower
like having the strength of a beast in just one fist,
but I couldn’t harvest you a flower
without destroying it.
I could have some intelligence to make worth the experience
you’d have in my lips.
But there is something I can do,
it’s bigger than the Earth and it cannot hurt:
it’s the superlove I feel for you.

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